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WILD RICE Musical Revue

The WILD RICE Musical Revue brings together instrumental virtuosity with the vocal offerings of DIRTY RICE, and a generous helping of humor. You and your guests will marvel at the vibrancy, verve, and vivacity brought to every appearance of Wild Rice. The galvanizing dance sets and cabaret style floor-show will turn a humdrum affair into a memorable fun-fest. In the aftermath, you will find yourself asking, “How do they squeeze so much entertainment into just a few hours?”


WILD RICE brings it big time! Jim & Jack's plays hosts to this new production of powerful and eclectic material.

Cover Charge is only $10.   7 to 10 PM

A Night of Wild Rice

Dance The Night Away with the WILD RICE Musical Revue. This event promises to be an entertainment thrill ride. Cover is only $10 per person, and the Legion Post offers a well-stocked cash bar.

Call for tickets/reservations: 513-528-9909 or 513-673-4461. 8 to 11 PM


This is just a brief sampling of our cover of a great tune made popular by The O'Jays... An example of the great Sound of Philadelphia  created by Gamble & Huff.

They Just Don't Come Any Better!

This most exceptional band features master musicians who are familiar to thousands of regional music fans. 

Greg Hudson --- Keyboards/Vocals

Chuck Koth (Boomer) --- Bass

Chuck Short --- Drums/Vocals

Steve Sigsbee --- Guitar/Vocals

It is difficult to find adequate words to describe this fine instrumental ensemble. We will simply borrow a term from German philosophical principles... gestalt.

ge·stalt                    ɡəˈSHtält/

noun               PSYCHOLOGY

An organized whole that is perceived as more than the sum of its parts.

Poised For An Exciting 2017 Inaugural Season

Coming Soon To Jim & Jack's!

You won't want to miss the return of The WILD RICE Musical Revue at Jim & Jack's on July 13...